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Temur Haydarov - Sales Manager

As Urgaz Carpet from Uzbekistan, we produce different kind of carpets and area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. Initially our company was a joint venture with a Turkish company which is also the source of our company’s name; Urg refers to Urgut city from Uzbekistan and Gaz refers to Gaziantep city. We are attending DOMOTEX Turkey since the initial year and gaining a lot of experience. We always discuss about new qualities with our partners at this platform. That’s why we find this exhibition very helpful for our company.

As we all know, Gaziantep is the heart of machine-made carpet production in the world. And that’s why DOMOTEX Turkey is very important for carpet producers because most of the machine-made carpet manufacturers are located in Gaziantep.

Zeki Öztürkmen - Board Member

We have been participating in DOMOTEX fairs for many years, both in Turkey and abroad. This year we have noticed a significant rise in international visitors. In previous years, the fair predominantly appealed to local visitors. However, this year by the second day we had met visitors from countries who had never visited the fair previously. DOMOTEX Turkey is very important to us. It provides us with the opportunity to present our exciting new ideas and achievements to local and international visitors.

Rahim Baktash - Sales Manager

We have been participating in DOMOTEX Turkey for four years. This fantastic fair allows us to promote our products to the world, network with other companies in the industry and get to know more about the yarn factories which are our suppliers. I offer my sincere thanks to the hardworking employees of DOMOTEX Turkey.

Mrs. Behestian - Sales Coordinator

Gheytaran Carpet Company has been producing machine-made carpets since 1994. We have been participating in DOMOTEX Turkey, DOMOTEX Hannover and DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR. Our customers like to see our most recent productions at these shows.

It is a pleasure to participate in DOMOTEX Turkey in Gaziantep because Gaziantep is the most important city in the machine-made carpet industry.

Ibrahim Dayioglu - General Manager

Founded in 1985, Basaran Hali is a local manufacturer and exporter of machine-made carpets. We debuted many exciting products at DOMOTEX Turkey 2018. Our main objective is to maximize customer satisfaction and continue building the value and reputation of our local brand, Prestige Hali. We also proceed to export our carpets as Basaran Hali. DOMOTEX Turkey 2018 contributes greatly to our customer portfolio in Turkey and the Middle East.

With regard to export figures, Gaziantep is a leading city in the market of machine-woven carpets. With this vision, DOMOTEX Turkey allows us to attract new customers and bolster the position of the region as a carpet-manufacturing powerhouse.

Hüseyin Ulutas - Chairman of the Board

Mutas Carpet and Post Hali started exhibiting at trade fairs in 2000. We have been participating in DOMOTEX Hannover as Mutas Carpet since 2003. In Hannover, we introduce our products to local dealers and reach wholesalers from all over the world. This is the fifth time we have been participating in DOMOTEX Turkey. This fair is very important for our company, as it allows us to promote our products and reach other distributors and wholesalers.