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Frequently Asked Questions After The Cancellation

Frequently Asked Questions After The Cancellation

  1. Why is DOMOTEX Turkey 2020 cancelled? 

    As Hannover Fairs Turkey, we have been observing the dynamic developments about Covid-19 every day. A few weeks ago, the initial situation was completely different, today, unfortunately, in Turkey, in Europe and globally there are severe travel restrictions, border closings, bans on meetings and curfews.

    You probably also feel the serious effects of the corona pandemic in your company. Many of our participants conveyed information about decreasing sales and supply processes, and many companies stopped their production or reduced their working hours. When we evaluate all these developments, unfortunately, the beginning of a rapid change and recovery in the near future does not appear.

    In addition to the above-mentioned developments, the Ministry of Trade issued a decree banning all major international events by the end of June 2020. After evaluating this decree and the developments together with our supporting partners, associations and exhibitors as well as visitors, we have decided to cancel DOMOTEX TURKEY 2020.

  2. When will next DOMOTEX Turkey take place?

    We will announce the new dates of 2021 as soon as possible.

  3. I read that DOMOTEX Turkey 2020 is cancelled - what will happen now?

    Firstly, we will inform all interested parties in detail about the cancellation of DOMOTEX Turkey 2020. Your existing sales representative will always be available to answer your questions and will be happy to assist you with the details. Please contact us via the e-mail address or phone number below:

    Soley Özsoy Bürümcek +90 212 334 6933; [email protected]
    Ecem Çetin +90 212 334 6907; [email protected]

Questions About Fair Participation Fees, Invoices, Services etc.

  1. What happens with the participation contract I have signed for DOMOTEX Turkey 2020?

    Your participation agreement of 2020 will be cancelled. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

  2. Will Hannover Fairs Turkey pay the costs (eg stand construction, travel / accommodation, visa, transportation, etc.) of services received by third parties?

    Services ordered from third parties are based exclusively on the relationship between the parties who have concluded the contract. Hannover Fairs Turkey will not cover any costs in this respect.

  3. Will I be able to keep my stand location for 2021?

    We will inform you about the allocation process of 2021 at a later date.

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Subject to changes and errors. Current status: 5 May 2020.