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Ali AYDIN - Aydın Tekstil
Chairman of the Board

We participated in DOMOTEX twice in Germany, twice in Turkey and once in China. DOMOTEX is the most important fair among carpet fairs and irreplaceable for carpet manufacturers. Therefore this fair holds great importance for us. Taking the export target of Turkey of USD 155 billion into consideration, we can see that this fair organized in Gaziantep is very important.

We know that two thirds of the machine-made carpets in the world are manufactured in Antep. Carpets manufactured by distinguished companies in Antep are spread all around the world. We know that the carpet industry is one of the trademark sectors of Turkey and we know that the carpets manufactured are on the market all around the world. We therefore support Antep, the manufacturers in Antep, and the products they manufacture and we know that they have a significant place globally.

We plan to participate in this fair next year again. We also manufacture more decorative and more lightweight carpets in addition to the carpets manufactured in Antep. These are quite different from Antep carpets but still, they are carpets which should be within the product range of Antep. We therefore plan to participate in the fairs to be organized both in Germany, in China; in addition to Gaziantep.

Mehmet KARA - Karar Halı
Board Member

We are participating in DOMOTEX Fairs since 2008. We started off by participating in the Hannover fair. We are participating in the Gaziantep fair since 2014. It should be very difficult to bring everyone together here but DOMOTEX can manage that and they bring everyone together. Thus all companies display their products and people can form different opinions of their own; they can see different designs, different patterns and different carpets. We should say that this is a very important fair both for the customers and for the companies. We are pleased with the fair in general terms, we can say that everything is going well and it should be stated that it is getting better each because the number of participating companies and the number of participating foreign companies are increasing. This is really important for Gaziantep; very significant for a developing city. We hope that things get even better in the future.

Shukrat Makhsudov - SAG Gılamları
Head of Sales Department

First of all our regards and grateful to Deutsche Messe for organizing such an event. We have been participating in this event for the last three years. We also participate in DOMOTEX Exhibitions in Hannover and also in China. This fair is very important for us, for our business; we can gather all our customers under one roof and all our producers can gather under one roof, all producers, all participant of carpet world. In these exhibitions we have a chance to show our new designs, new carpets, new products and it will help us first of all to increase customers and increase our business.

Everybody knows that nowadays Gaziantep is the center of carpet business; about 70% of machine-woven carpets nowadays are produced in Gaziantep. All the participants of carpet business now gather in Gaziantep, in the center of carpet business.
We are planning to participate in this event in other years and hope that it will increase year by year.

Ms. Ramezani Bidgoli - Pamchal
Managing Director

DOMOTEX is the most important event in the field of textile industry, especially for carpet and flooring. We produce carpet and we are located in Iran. We produce very delicate carpets, rugs and frame carpets and runners for hotels and mosques. I have experienced as an exhibitor and visitor in the previous events and it’s a good opportunity for exhibitors and visitors to have negotiations and contract to each other and it can be a good opportunity for them.
I hope for lots of exhibitors and visitors have a good outcome from DOMOTEX.

Fahrettin KAPLAN - Kartal Carpets

We participate in DOMOTEX each year in Germany for 10-12 years. This is our fourth year in Gaziantep. It is very important for the publicity of Antep that this fair is organized in Antep. I hope that we will be continuing these events for long years to come and be able to expand it in years. I would like to also thank DOMOTEX for this organization.

Ayşe TOHUMCU - FerdSchmetz / Ateks
Representative in Turkey

We have been participating in DOMOTEX Fairs for five years throughout the world, which are held in Germany, China and Gaziantep. Gaziantep is very important for us; this city is producing carpets for the world. We would be losing customers if we are not present here in this city that is producing carpets to the whole world. We have to be present here and we participate each year.

We are happy since our customers and visitors are coming. Since our customers are coming we will continue to participate each year because we increase the number of our customers each year when we participate and this is great for us. We did not have so many customers when we first started but now we are better off, we have had many new customers with the foreign participants coming in.

Eng. Osama Abu Alinin - Arab Pioneers Company
General Manager

We start participating in DOMOTEX, we started in Hannover before five or six years ago and we have been participating in Gaziantep for three years.

Here in Gaziantep we find a lot of customers from Europe, from Africa, from Arab countries, this is one of the best which we participated; it’s better than England, better than China, better than everywhere. Really it’s wonderful.
I’m so happy for this fair this year, because we have a lot of visitors, better than before; maybe this year three times more than last year. It’s one of the best, we have a lot of customers, and we made huge contracts, we made a lot of contracts.

We select Gaziantep because it’s one of the most famous cities in the world for the carpet industry. There are many factories here, you can find any quality of carpets and very good and competitive prices. Because of that this city, in my opinion, is the carpet city of the world.

Also we are planning to participate for next year and we will sign the contract inshallah and I’ll take the same place, I like it.

Mustafa KAPLAN - Yasin Kaplan Carpet

We, as Yasin Kaplan Carpet, have been participating in DOMOTEX Fairs for a long time. Especially since they have organized DOMOTEX in Antep, we participate each year.

We are happy about the fairs. Our fairs are very intensive, the number of participants is increasing each year. We are happy with the visitors this year; real buyers are coming so we are happy with the fair.

The carpet market in Antep grows every year. Antep has really made a breakthrough when comparing today with five years prior; it has even become the leading manufacturer. More than 35% of carpets manufactured throughout the world are manufactured in Antep and this is an advantage. This is a factor that brings people here. They can also visit the factories during the fair. They can see the power of the factories. We believe that the carpet industry will advance in Antep. The sector is really in a good position, we hope that it grows further and Antep will become an even bigger attraction center.

We will be participating each year as long as the fair is held. We participate in almost all fairs organized by DOMOTEX; next year we will again be present in Gaziantep, in Germany and in China.

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